Monday, February 22, 2010

First Kids have Arrived

Thursday afternoon the first pygora doe kidded a beautiful set of twins. A boy-Adrian and a girl- Alli both black with frosted ears and nose. The doe rejected the little boy, so I have my first ever bottle baby living in the house.

This is Alli sampling some straw.

This is Adrian napping on the kitchen floor in front of the stove.
Adrian chases me all over the house and then curls up to nap in whatever room I am in. He was chasing the vaccum around the living room this morning. He is such a happy easy going kid. He just curled up under the desk to nap, but usually he sleeps in my lap while I am typing.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spring Shearing has Started

Sunday February 7th started spring shearing. All the boys got their new haircuts and the one doe that is due middle of next week. We will continue shearing over the next two Sundays. Luckily it has been in the low 20's since shearing so with their coats on and the extra straw I put down in their barns they aren't too cold.

The young boys wearing their coats out to breakfast. They are very colorful.

The older boys with their new haircuts.

Longshot with the new little buck.

The little girls out munching their breakfast, they will get their new haircuts on Sunday.

A few of the expecting mothers, they have about a month before the little ones arrive.
I will be posting the start of my spring for sale list by the end of the month. I am reducing my pygora herd and a few angoras as well so I will be offering some wonderful goats at great prices. Multiple goat discounts. Transportation to shows in New England area possible as well as Michigan Fiber Festival or a location in route. Anyone interested in colored angoras or pygoras feel free to contact me to be put on the waiting list or to come visit the farm.