Friday, July 9, 2010

Open Farm Weekend

Open Farm Weekend August 28th & 29th 9:00am to 5:00pm

-Farm Tours- come meet the goats and other various farm animals
-Angora Goat Shearing Demonstrations (Sunday morning)
-Thanksgiving Turkey Sales
-Farm & Fiber Product Sales (mohair, pygora, & wool fleece, roving, yarn, & dyes)
-Forums to discuss basic Angora Goat & Pygora Goat Raising
-If enough interest I can also run One Pot Rainbow Dying Mohair Demonstrations

More info coming soon.

Goat Transportation Available

Transportation Available for Goats
I am traveling from New Hampshire to Buffalo, New York area and back on I-90 the first weekend in August if anyone is looking for transportation for their goats in this general area in either direction feel free to contact me.

Friday, July 2, 2010

EAGMA Show (CAGBA Nationals)

Last weekend I loaded up 12 goats and headed off to Maryland for the EAGMA show. I had a great time, it was rather warm though 100 degrees on Sunday.

Red Card Class - Angora Goat Show
"Luke" #1014 3rd place buck kid
"Lorna" #395 5th place adult doe

Colored Angora Goat Show
"Fizzypop" #1035 5th place SR kid doe
"Fireball" #1036 6th place SR kid buck
"Fleetwood" #1039 8th place SR kid buck

Mohair Fleece Competition
"Shrek" #57 1st place 2nd clip kid mohair
"Leslie" #39 3rd place 2nd clip kid mohair
"Sarah" #924 4th place 2nd clip kid mohair
"Ryley" #819 3rd place yearling mohair
"Kialeigh" #759 5th place adult mohair

Now I am planning the next trip with the goats to the Michigan Fiber Festival.