Friday, July 2, 2010

EAGMA Show (CAGBA Nationals)

Last weekend I loaded up 12 goats and headed off to Maryland for the EAGMA show. I had a great time, it was rather warm though 100 degrees on Sunday.

Red Card Class - Angora Goat Show
"Luke" #1014 3rd place buck kid
"Lorna" #395 5th place adult doe

Colored Angora Goat Show
"Fizzypop" #1035 5th place SR kid doe
"Fireball" #1036 6th place SR kid buck
"Fleetwood" #1039 8th place SR kid buck

Mohair Fleece Competition
"Shrek" #57 1st place 2nd clip kid mohair
"Leslie" #39 3rd place 2nd clip kid mohair
"Sarah" #924 4th place 2nd clip kid mohair
"Ryley" #819 3rd place yearling mohair
"Kialeigh" #759 5th place adult mohair

Now I am planning the next trip with the goats to the Michigan Fiber Festival.

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