Sunday, March 28, 2010

Adults & Yearlings For Sale

This is the start of the spring 2010 for sale list, the kids for sale will be posted after everyone on the waiting list is contacted. I am having a herd reduction sale, these are some wonderful goats and it was a hard decision to sell some of them.


Maggie- 3 yr old white angora cross doe, great mother, very friendly

Mallory- 3yr old reverse badger pygora doe, usually twins, type B fleece

Natalie- 3 yr old AAGBA registered white angora doe, Hill Shepherd blood lines, friendly

Keara- 3 yr old CAGBA registered red angora doe, Hill Shepherd blood lines, friendly

Toby- 3 yr old unproven black angora buck, great personality

Hunter- 3 yr old red pycazz wether, very friendly, great fiber

Alexander- 3 yr old white pygora wether, very friendly, excellent fiber producer

Ryley- 2 yr old red angora wether, very friendly, wonderful red fleece


Sasha- white color carrying pygora doe, type A fiber

Rachel- white color carrying pygora doe, type B fiber

Andy- white angora cross wether, nice fiber, long staple length

Russell- black pygora buckling, type A fiber, won 1st place Michigan Fiber Festival 2009 pygora show

Ryan- reverse badger pygora buckling, type B fiber

Transportation available. I will be attending:
NH Sheep & Wool Festival
EAGMA show in MD
Michigan Fiber Festival
VT Sheep & Wool Festival
NH Wool Arts Tour
NY Sheep & Wool Festival
and can transport or meet buyers at convenient locations along the way.

Pictures available upon request. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like any info on any of the goats.

Kids for sale coming soon.
Angoras and Pygoras available.

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