Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spoiled Bottle Babies

I have 3 bottle babies, all currently living in the house. I was going to move them out to the barn, but the temperature dropped 30 degrees suddenly so am waiting for the warmer weather to return. During the days when I am out doing barn chores they go out to the barn to play with the other kids and explore the outdoors.

After a busy afternoon of playing outside Adrian decided to take a nap in the living room chair.

And Logan took the dogs bed all for himself,when the dog left the room. His brother Landan was on the other side of the room sleeping with his chin on his pillow.

What spoiled kids!! They go in crates at night and when I go to work but they are alot of fun, even if they make a mess. It will be really quiet when they move out.

We have a spiral staircase to the second floor and Adrian just learned how to climb stairs the other day and he is so proud of himself, really cute. Goats are wonderful treasures.

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